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Sanstar Bio - Polymers

Product Name
Sanstar Bio - Polymers
It is prepared by roasting starch in the presence of acid, which chemically changes the character and properties of starch. Dextrin is an intermediate between starch and sugars derived from starch... view more
  • Adhesives
  • Bookbinding / graphic art
  • Cigarettes, cigars & filters
  • Industrial Assembly>Abrasive bonding
  • ...
Sanstar Bio - Polymers
It is obtained from root called tapioca. Tapioca starch powder can be converted into various forms of modified starches to serve certain purpose for which native corn starch will not be of much use... view more
  • Adhesives
  • Consumer / household / office>Glueing, fixation, multipurpose
  • Industrial Assembly>Apparel / Textile (clothing)
  • Papers & Packagings
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