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Abhesion or "Anti-Adhesion"

SpecialChem / Mar 24, 2004

"Abhesives" are films or coatings that are used to prevent or greatly decrease adhesion. An abherend is a surface that discourages adhesion. Abhesive materials are also often referred to as mold-release agents, non-stick surface coatings, parting agents, or antistick agents. Abhesion is exactly the opposite of adhesion, and the requirements for a good abhesive are reverse that which is necessary for a good adhesive to function. The applications for abhesives are nearly as numerous and as commercially important as they are for adhesives. The most recognizable abhesives are used as mold release surfaces and as liners for pressure sensitive tapes and labels. However, abhesives are also used to protect general plastic processing equipment such as used for casting, extrusion, laminating, and molding. They are also used domestically for bake ware, ice cube trays, and easily cleaned surfaces. Abhesive coatings are employed for deicing surfaces such as airplane wings, ship structures, and windshields. Abhesives are formulated into anti-graffiti and "self-cleaning" paint coatings.

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