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Additives for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

SpecialChem / Nov 4, 2002

Pressure sensitive adhesives, when in the dry state, are aggressively tacky at room temperature and possess a high degree of "quick stick" or initial grab. They can adhere to a variety of dissimilar materials without the need for much more than slight pressure. Often the pressure is applied by hand, but rollers, presses, and other mechanical devices can also be used. Pressure sensitive adhesives are generally defined as being permanently tacky. Thus, they require no activation by water, solvent, or heat although certain reactive and contact adhesives do show pressure sensitive properties at certain times during their processing. In addition to being tacky, pressure sensitive adhesive compositions are also inherently soft materials. Thus, a balance of adhesive properties and cohesive strength must be made depending on the specific application. This balance will depend on the viscoelastic nature of the adhesive as well as the additives used in its formulation.The primary mode of bonding for a pressure sensitive adhesive is not chemical or mechanical but rather a polar attraction of the adhesive to the substrate.

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