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Adhesion Myths and Reality Part 1

Steven Abbott & Steven Abbott – Mar 8, 2016

Adhesion Science Myths & realityThere are lots of myths and misunderstandings about adhesion which lead formulators in the wrong direction. My mission in this series of blogs on adhesion science is to give the formulation community a set of clear ideas, plus the apps to bring those ideas to life.

In this blog, and the next, I want to clear away some of the most common myths so that the formulators’ precious time and resources can be focused on ideas that will really deliver improved adhesion.

So, let's get started with:

  • Myth #1: Surface Energy & Adhesion
  • Myth #2: Substrate Wetting

3 Comments on "Adhesion Myths and Reality Part 1"
Michael K Apr 20, 2016
Great article! The link: www.stevenabbott.co.uk/practical-adhesion/basics.php is not working.
Catherine B Apr 18, 2016
Sorry for the mishap & thanks for letting us know. Links have been corrected.
Michael M Mar 18, 2016
Excellent, concise, practical articles about understanding how to improve adhesion and avoid the trap of these myths. Also great examples, images, and diagrams to help one 'visualize' what you are saying. I will definitely buy your book someday. The links to your apps on your website appear dead in both Part 1 and 2.

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