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The material selection platform
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Adhesion to Concrete Substrates

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie – May 9, 2006

The ability of adhesives and sealants to bond to concrete surfaces has become a subject of renewed interest. This has been due to several reasons. The fields of adhesives and sealants have certainly experienced significant growth, and a significant number of new materials and processes are available for concrete repair. However, the main driver is that the transportation infrastructure in many regions is decaying at a rapid rate. As concrete ages, more repairs are necessary. The nature of concrete repairs to roadway surfaces, bridges, and other structures has also changed in recent years. Traffic volumes continue to grow, and motorist demand for repair and replacement options that can be done with a minimum of lane-closure time will increase. Thus, the demands on adhesive and sealant systems for these applications also continue to develop. New materials and processes for repair, such as the use of bonded composite plates to restore strength, have been reviewed in a previous SpecialChem4Adhesives article.

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