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The material selection platform
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Adhesive and Odor

SpecialChem / Nov 12, 2003

Odor, or rather the absence thereof, is gaining an increasing importance as selection criterion for adhesives. Typical examples in which this topic plays an important role include the hygiene, the building and the automotive industries. All types of adhesive are affected, regardless whether they are 100% solid systems (reactive or non-reactive), water or solvent-based. The lecture will cover the following aspects * The mechanism of odor detection by the human nose * The nature of substances responsible for odor * Formulation strategies to prevent irritating odors in adhesives * Methods of odor detection and evaluation. Present and future (electronic nose) The nose is one of the most important and also most underestimated human organ. Its place in the middle of the head, a strategic position, underlines also this important role. The function of the nose was quite important in the evolution of the human race.The nose was able to detect burn smell and was acting as a warning system.

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