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The material selection platform
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Adhesives for Automotive Interiors

SpecialChem / May 4, 2004

Adhesives have historically played a significant role in laminating, bonding and assembling components of automotive interiors for both aesthetic and performance reasons. In 2001, approximately 96 mil. dry pounds of adhesive were consumed in automotive interior applications in North America, ranging from laminated constructions and trim attachment to structural bonds. Despite aggressive competition from other forms of laminating and fastening, such as flame lamination, various forms of welding, mechanical fasteners and molded-in clips, the use of adhesives has continued to grow. As automotive exterior designs become more similar from model to model, the interior of the car becomes increasingly important in differentiating each from the next. The quality, or perceived quality, of the automobile's interior -especially the acoustic characteristics - are major differentiators. This means that the components of the interior must be functional, meeting performance specifications while also providing the aesthetics dictated by the designer and the expected acoustics.

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