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The material selection platform
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Adhesives for Floor Coverings

SpecialChem / Oct 27, 2004

Modern technology has developed flooring materials with qualities and finishes that have never before been available. Floor coverings are fabricated from many different construction materials including: * Wood, * Resilient materials (e.g., vinyl, rubber, asphalt), * Rigid materials (e.g., ceramic, slate, brick), and * Soft textile materials such as carpeting. These floor coverings are generally installed directly on wood, concrete, or metal subfloors with the proper adhesives. The technologies that have emerged from both the flooring and adhesive manufacturers have contributed greatly to the use of modern flooring and its expansion in commercial and residential construction. Flooring is one of the largest applications for adhesives in the building and construction industry. As with any adhesive system, the substrates are critically important. The choice of adhesive is partly dependent on the composition of the floor covering and partly dependent on the type of subfloor and its preparation.

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