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The material selection platform
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Adhesives for Medical Devices

SpecialChem / Jun 2, 2004

Many types of medical devices rely on adhesives for assembly. Medical device manufacturing requires that the final product exhibit maximum reliability and performance under many conditions that are not common in other industries. As a result manufacturers of medical devices generally require significant testing and verification prior to choosing an adhesive. The standards and regulations in this industry are much different than other industries. The nature of the medical device market also dictates that the adhesive be economical and amenable to high volume manufacturing methods. This article will review the special requirements that are imposed on the adhesive formulator for participation in the medical device market. Commonly used types and methods of application for medical adhesives will also be discussed. Finally, the trends in the industry that assure continued market growth will be identified. This article will focus on adhesives that are used for the assembly of medical devices. The total "medical adhesive" market is much larger since it encompasses a broader definition of products.

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