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Adhesives in Food Contact Packaging Applications

SpecialChem – Jan 19, 2018

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Adhesives for Food Contact Packaging ApplicationsThe potential effects that Food Contact Materials (FCMs) can have on human health have grabbed consumer’s attention, calling for regulatory updates. If you are formulating adhesives for food contact applications, it is very important to keep yourself up to date with the latest regulations.

The risk assessment mainly relies on positive listing (10/2011, BfR, FDA, others). But, the lack of harmonized European regulation makes the assessment on final material difficult. To fulfil Regulation (EU) no. 1935/2004, worst case approach or migration testing is often considered. Yet again, the interpretation of results is difficult to understand the real migration.

FEICA - the Association of European Adhesive and Sealant Industry recently held a seminar on Food Contact in Brussels. Titled ‘Safe Adhesives for Safe Food’, the seminar concentrated on migration of adhesives. It especially centered on the testing of the migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons. Approximately 100 manufacturers registered for the same.

The Seminar provided key insights into:

  • Sample preparation
  • Testing and interpretation of the results
  • Common errors and pitfalls regarding migration testing
  • The possible limits of analytical methods

Let’s take a look at the topics that were discussed in more details.

Adhesive Industry & Food Packaging Sector

Presented by: Alexandra Ross, Product Regulatory Specialist, H.B. Fuller, Chair of the FEICA Paper & Packaging TWG

This session introduced the relationship between adhesive Industry and food packaging sector. Ample of useful facts about adhesives have been provided here along with the relevant regulations for packaging adhesives.

The missing gap between undefined regulations and risk assessment could easily be seen covered here.

 » Read on to know more about tools for adhesives intended for food contact!

Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOH)

MOH Migration Testing

Toxicological & Regulatory Background

Presented by: Anna Hedelin, Senior Staff Researcher Toxicology, Nynas

Mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) comprise a diverse group of mixtures of hydrocarbons containing thousands of chemical compounds. It is important to have its knowledge because it potentially impacts human health.

 » So, learn the use of mineral oil in FCMs adhesive from a regulatory perspective! 

Use in Adhesives

Presented by: Monika Toenniessen, Regional Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs Manager Europe, Henkel

Hydrocarbons have been a known food contact material. But to what extent these can be used in manufacturing adhesives for packaging applications. FEICA provides a clear recommendation on how to choose the right raw materials for safe adhesives.

Also, Adhesives might contribute to the contamination of recycling paper. But, test methods (INGEDE Method 12) are available here to check the removability of the hotmelt adhesives during the paper recycling process.

 » Read on and explore more! 

Testing Mineral Oil & Synthetic Hydrocarbon from Adhesives into Food

Presented by: Martin Lommatzsch, Analytical Chemist and Entrepreneur, Laboratory Lommatzsch

Mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbon used in adhesive formulation can migrate into food item during storage. Hence, it is important to know your raw material for formulating a safer adhesive for food packaging.

 » Learn the analysis of mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbons via migration testing here! 

FEICA Guidance and Recommendations to the Adhesive Industry

Safe Adhesives For Safe FoodPresented by: Jana Cohrs, Regulatory Affairs Manager, FEICA

Does your adhesive contain MOH? Did you carry out risk assessment prior to your formulation?

Sample preparation and interpretation of the test results for adhesives can be difficult and need effective communication between adhesives supplier, customer and test laboratory.

FEICA is launching a TESTING Project to test MOH Migration from hotmelts.  Read on to know more! 

» See more information from FEICA

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