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The material selection platform
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Adhesives in Solar Panel Manufacturing

SpecialChem / Oct 24, 2007

Solar power remains a technology of the future, despite more than thirty years having been spent on its development.Throughout its lifetime, questions have been raised about how applicable adhesives are to the assembly of these advanced products, yet such doubting solar scientists underestimate adhesives' versatility. A solar cell may be considered as a light-emitting diode in reverse. Using a semiconductor material which would produce light on application of electrical energy in an LED, light is applied to the material, resulting in a flow of electrons. The key difference is, whereas LEDs use relatively exotic semiconductors, the current solar push has its weight behind the favourite material of our age: Silicon. Individual solar cells arrayed and bonded onto protective films and a glass carrier panel create the basis of a solar panel, or module. Modules can produce thousands of watts of electrical power and are themselves the building blocks that go together to make solar cell systems.

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