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The material selection platform
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Applying Liquid Adhesives

SpecialChem / Aug 13, 2003

There are many processes involved in making a reliable adhesive bond, such as surface preparation, application of the adhesive, and final curing. These processes are critical and can make a fundamental difference in the quality of the bond and its ultimate cost. Perhaps one of the more easily overlooked processes is the application of the adhesive - the process of getting the adhesive from its shipping container to the part. It is a deceptively simple process that can have an enormous effect on the economics and quality of the resulting product. Application involves the following sub-processes. * Removal of the product from its shipping container * Metering * Mixing * Distributing the adhesive to the bonding area. This article will review the important considerations in each of these sub-processes for liquid adhesive systems. The actual specification for such processes are dependent on the adhesive material that will be used, on the part design and its required end-use properties, and on the overall economics and production speeds required in the operation.

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