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Biodegradable Polymers in Adhesive Systems

SpecialChem / Oct 25, 2006

During the last two decades, significant advances have been made in the development of biodegradable polymers. These materials have been developed in a variety of forms, and thus have potential uses in a range of industries. Many of these polymers are well suited for adhesive applications such as environmentally friendly packaging, recyclable envelope adhesives, and biomedical devices. Biodegradable polymers based on renewable resources are also being looked upon as low cost alternatives to raw materials based on petroleum products. Industries which develop these materials will continue to see growth as the price of crude oil continues to climb, and the availability of fossil fuels begins to dwindle. Applications for such bio-based materials are widespread in the areas of resins, coatings, and adhesives. The development of biodegradable adhesives goes hand-in-hand with the development of biodegradable plastic products in general. In order for the finished product to be completely biodegradable, it is necessary that all of its components are biodegradable.

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