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Choosing Tackifiers for PSAs

SpecialChem / Andy Extance – Dec 19, 2011

Glass transition temperature and storage modulus are two essential properties in controlling a pressure sensitive adhesive's performance. Elastomers often don't initially have properties that fit in the "PSA window" so they need to be combined with tackifiers to rectify this. Commercially available tackifiers usually don't have information on the most pertinent properties that would allow precise prediction of formulation requirements. Yet, the information that does come with them can be used guide formulators towards producing the adhesives they need. Though elastomers are pressure-sensitive adhesives' backbone, formulators trying to develop products using these components alone would fail in many cases. By themselves most elastomers' glass transition temperatures, Tg, and low-frequency dynamic storage moduli, G', are typically outside the "PSA window" for pressure-sensitive adhesive properties. PSA formulators must therefore know how best to use tackifiers to influence the final adhesive's properties, and in turn what properties are needed.

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