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Epoxy Polyacrylate Adhesives for Fast, Low Temperature Cures

SpecialChem / Dec 20, 2006

Epoxy resins are valuable to the adhesive formulator because they can create useful mixtures with many other polymers. Acrylate resins are only one of several families that are compatible with epoxy chemistry. Acrylate monomers are extremely versatile building blocks that readily polymerize or copolymerize with a variety of other monomers. There are several types of epoxy acrylate hybrids that are possible. These include: * Epoxy vinyl esters that can be blended with styrene monomer and cured much like conventional polyesters * Diacrylate of bis-phenol A epoxy resins that can be cured via free radical and cationic type reactions via ultraviolet (UV) or electron beam (EB) radiation, and * Acrylated epoxy formulations that are a blend of acrylate ester and conventional epoxy resins that undergo fast cure with amines. This report will investigate the chemistry and performance properties of this latter material, acrylated epoxy resins, in adhesive formulations. The other compositions will be subjects of future SpecialChem articles.

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