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Fire Retardant Adhesives

SpecialChem / Dec 22, 2004

Historically, fire resistance has not generally been a significant requirement when specifying adhesive systems. Recent incidents, however, tend to show that this may soon change. These include events outside of the formulators' arena, such as increased sensitivity to the performance of components in a fire, and events that are within the formulators' arena, such as the development of flame resistant additives. This article will examine the external events that are leading to greater awareness concerning the adhesive's performance in case of a fire, the standards and regulations that are being imposed, and the development of new fire resistant materials. The role that existing fire retardants play in today's environment will also be considered. There have been several valuable articles and papers written on this subject. One paper by Less and Moulds 1 is especially valuable in that it reviews the overall situation and the practical benefits to be gained from recently devised materials.

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