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The material selection platform
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Form-in-Place Gaskets

SpecialChem / Jun 30, 2004

Gaskets play an important function in a variety of products from automobile engines to electronic housings. Gaskets are generally required to seal against outside elements and to prevent fluid leakage. Their function is critical to the product's optimum performance and also to promote an image of quality and integrity. There are many types of gasketing materials, and polymeric sealants make up a significant part of the market. These liquid materials can be applied directly to the location in which the gasket will function. They provide distinct cost and performance advantages over solid or preformed gasketing. Materials making up modern "form-in-place" gaskets include silicones, anaerobics, hot melt, and several two-part thermosetting elastomer systems. This article will provide the reader with an introduction to form-in-place gaskets. The advantages, performance requirements, and common materials used in these formulations will be identified. Joint design considerations and application methods that are commonly used in assembly processes will also be described.

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