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The material selection platform
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Formulating Alkyd Resins as Hot-Melt Replacements

SpecialChem / Andy Extance – Jan 31, 2011

Non-reactive alkyd resins mimic hot-melt adhesives, but can be dispensed at lower temperatures, and can use renewable raw materials. The hydroxyl groups in their structure also give them the ability to tailor surface energies to their substrates and provide an unusual setting mechanism. With energy prices and sustainability becoming an increasing concern, these could be exactly the right credentials to become the key new adhesive class. One by one, finished sanitary towels, diapers, and incontinence pads roll off the manufacturing line. Behind them, a maze of machinery is busy assembling the products, attaching liquid-permeable topsheets to liquid-impermeable backsheets and sandwiching absorbent cores between them. Hot-melt adhesives are well established in performing this bonding process. Yet, the energy needed to melt these adhesives and keep them at temperatures where they can be dispensed adds a percentage onto the manufacturing cost. What if this cost could be reduced without sacrificing performance?

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