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The material selection platform
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High Strength Surgical Adhesives

Edward M. Petrie – Aug 26, 2009

Cyanoacrylates are also used as adhesives for the human body and have contributed to saving many lives. This editorial reviews the state-of-the-art for high strength cyanoacrylate surgical adhesives and identifies areas of future research.Sutures, staples, and clips are considered to be the standard for wound closure and tissue reconstruction in surgical procedures. However, surgical adhesives have also been used for similar purposes. These generally include fibrin adhesives, synthetic polymer adhesives such as cyanoacrylate or polyethylene glycol laser-activated albumin solders and chitosan adhesives. Several new materials are also under development, but these represent relatively new entities and their commercialization is likely to be delayed by regulatory requirements. Today, when a high strength surgical adhesive is required the primary candidates are based on cyanoacrylate resins.

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