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The material selection platform
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How to evaluate Tack properties?

SpecialChem / Feb 19, 2003

Today, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have a great importance either in industry or in our everyday life. They are the main components of labels, tapes, decals,... Their advantages are very important indeed: * dry form; * instantaneous adhesion; * easy to apply; * large panel of adhesion capacities (force, substrates,...). All these properties are explained by a large variety of formulations, but involving only a few types of components, like : * polymer, giving cohesion; * tackifying resins;(visit our new Tackifier Resins Center) * rheological additives, for example paraffin or wax. The art of the formulator is based on the selection of raw materials and additives, in order to find the best compromise between advantages and drawbacks given by each of these materials when they are blended and to improve the desired parameters and create synergies. But, in order to optimise a formulation (and the efforts needed to obtain it), it is necessary to use specific tests for the evaluation of this particular property called TACK.

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