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Improving the Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Adhesives

SpecialChem / Jul 6, 2005

In certain applications, such as those that exist in the electrical and electronic industries, adhesive systems must have a certain degree of electrical and / or thermal conductivity. Electrical conductivity is, of course, important in adhesives that must make an electrical interconnection between components and in adhesives that must provide electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI) functions. Thermal conductivity is also important in highly integrated electronic applications where the heat generated by components must be transferred outside of the electronic package by a heat pipe or by some other means. Thermal conductivity within adhesive systems is also a means of reducing temperature build-up from exothermic reactions and stresses that could develop during the curing cycle or during excursions between different service temperatures. Most adhesives systems inherently have very low electrical and thermal conductivity due to their organic nature. There are only two ways of producing polymers that have moderate degrees of conductivity

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