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The material selection platform
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Innovation in Adhesive and Sealant Materials - Additives

SpecialChem / Jan 28, 2004

During the past year or two, many new resins and additives have been introduced on the market. Adding significantly to the adhesive formulator's toolbox, these new products can be used to build innovative adhesive systems meeting the demanding specifications and requirements of the industry. A past SpecialChem4Adhesive article reviewed new resin systems including base resins and curing agents. This current article will review several of the new additives that have been recently introduced. They represent components that can be used to fine tune new adhesive and sealant formulations as well as provide properties and characteristics that were previously not obtainable. Demands for higher performance adhesives and sealants, enhanced application methods, and improved processing and cost efficiencies in formulation development, have and will continue to drive new and innovative developments in additives.The newly developed additives that are described in this article certainly are not meant to represent an all-inclusive listing. They represent only a small fraction of the many fruitful developments that have been commercialized over the past few years.

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