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Less Odor and Skinning With Stabilized Mercaptans for Curing Epoxies

SpecialChem / Jun 5, 2002

Mercaptans have been used commercially for over 25 years to cure epoxies. Despite the numerous epoxy hardeners on the market, the mercaptans provide some unique properties. The main one is their ability to cure epoxies rapidly at ambient temperature. The other key property is that the mercaptans are less sensitive in their curing speed to mass of material than other hardeners. Thus, they can be used in thin-film cures. Additional factors in favor of the polymercaptans are their low toxicity compared to other hardeners, their light color, their excellent adhesion, and the ability to accelerate other amines and polyamides. Polymercaptans are used when the speed of cure is important. Even the “fast”-cure amine systems are slow in comparison, especially when the mass of epoxy is small and a thin film is used. This has led to the use of the mercaptans in a wide variety of applications: * Consumer and industrial adhesives, * Coatings, * Sealants, * Industrial patch and filler kits, * Floor and flooring repair, * Encapsulation, and * Acceleration of other epoxy systems.

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