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Modern Starch Based Adhesives - Not Your Father's Starch Anymore

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie – Aug 25, 2010

This article takes a quick look at conventional starch adhesive technology and then progresses to discussing modified starch adhesives. Finally the article focuses on very modern forms of starch adhesives that have only recently been developed. Starch is used as an adhesive in unmodified as well as in several modified forms. Recently newly developed forms of starch based adhesives have been developed. These may open up new markets and opportunities that have traditionally been closed to conventional starch adhesives.Starch adhesives play a very large part in industrial production, especially the packaging industry where they are primarily used for bonding paper products. Most corrugated boxboard for making cartons is manufactured with starch based adhesives, and other porous substrates can be easily joined with these versatile adhesives. For decades, starch adhesives are readily available, low in cost, and easy to apply from water dispersion. They are considered to be the least expensive class of paper packaging adhesive.

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