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Molecular Sieves – An Original Nanomaterial

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie – Apr 23, 2008

Molecular sieves may be the original nanomaterial. They have been used for decades by adhesive and sealant formulators to modify compounds on a nano - or molecular level. They are primarily used as desiccants to scavenge water molecules that could interfere with the curing mechanism and final properties of the adhesive or sealant. But they have also been used in latent cure systems to isolate reactive chemical or catalyst until such time it is needed for reaction. This article reviews the use of molecular sieves as additives in adhesives and sealants. It describes the unique and useful properties that can be provided in common formulations, and the commercial implications for molecular sieves in future products. Recent breakthrough in preparing molecular sieves with extra-large pores has opened the possibility of In the adhesives and sealants industry molecular sieves are primarily used as desiccants or adsorbents. They have also been used as chemical carriers for catalysts that are useful in latent curing systems.new and exciting applications.

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