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The material selection platform
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Nanoadditives in Adhesives and Sealants - "Daddy, Are We There Yet?"

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie – Mar 11, 2009

Long before the end of a lengthy car trip, my young son would usually cry, "Daddy, are we there yet". I would usually respond with something like, "We will be there soon, please be patient". I am afraid this type of dialog also is often associated with the nanotechnology industry. The potential value of this technology in the adhesive industry provides an appealing view of the future, but it certainly is a long road. Many are becoming a bit frustrated that this disruptive technology will never become mainstream. However, in practice nanotechnology may be a lot closer than it appears. In fact, there are commercial examples being brought to market every day, and nanomaterials are finding their way into adhesive and sealant formulations more and more. Formulators stand to gain a huge benefit by introducing small amounts of nanomaterials in their products. The introduction of such nanomaterials either enhances their existing properties or gives rise to completely new properties. In recent years many applications have appeared and survived in the market place.

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