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The material selection platform
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New bonding techniques for Composites and other materials

SpecialChem / Apr 23, 2003

Composites can be assembled in different ways: * Metal inserts ( bolts, studs, fasteners ) may be embedded in the matrix resin during moulding, this is a smart technique which provides high mechanical strength, fast and easy installation, and invisible joints. * Parts may be bolted or screwed, but in either case it is necessary to drill holes in the parts, in order to concentrate stresses near the holes. * Skins of sandwich panels, prepregs, may be "co-cured" with the core or other parts: this means that the prepregs may be laid together and on honeycomb cores or metal parts and inserts, and then the whole part may be cured in one single operation. The prepreg will stick without the need for an adhesive. This technique is used in aircraft construction, with carbon prepregs. * But of course the finished parts may often be bonded with several types of structural adhesives such as epoxies, polyesters, polyurethanes, acrylics, depending on the mechanical and chemical requirements and to the chemical nature of the resins.

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