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Odorless, Water-Dispersible Sulfopolyester for Recyclable Hot Melt Adhesives

SpecialChem / May 22, 2002

Potentially available in a range of viscosities, this material offers the following key features: * Odorless sulfopolyester, * Readily dispersible in water, * Non-dispersible in ionic environments, and * Good adhesive performance characteristics. The purpose of this article is to introduce this new, odorless polyester as a raw material for formulating water-dispersible hot melt adhesives. Hot melt adhesives are useful for bonding various substrates such as wood, paper, plastics, nonwoven assemblies, textiles and other materials. One use for which they are well suited is the sealing of corrugated and paperboard boxes. This application calls for high bond strength to resist shock, stress, high humidity and extreme temperatures encountered in transportation and storage. In addition, the melt point, wetting time, initial tack, setting time, pot life and general handling characteristics on automatic packaging machinery are essential considerations. Paper products must be recycled to conserve material resources and landfill space.

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