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Organosilanes as Adhesion Promoting Additives for Epoxies and Polyurethanes

SpecialChem / Aug 10, 2005

Some adhesive and sealant formulations may provide limited bond strength on certain substrates or poor durability in moist environments. Generally, attempts are made to overcome these problems through adhesive formulation and by substrate surface treatment. When these approaches do not work, additional bond strength and permanence may possibly be provided by the use of adhesion promoters. Organosilanes are one of the most widely used family of adhesion promoters in epoxy and polyurethane adhesive / sealant systems. They improve not only the initial adhesion (i.e., original bond strength), but they also significantly improve durability in moist environments. Organosilanes are most effective on high energy, inorganic surfaces such as metals, glass, and stone. Adhesion promoters can be employed in adhesive or sealant joints by three basic methods: 1. Substrate surface treatment (i.e., as a primer) prior to applying the adhesive or sealant. 2. Reactive intermediate for modification of the base polymer. 3. Additive that is integrally blended into the adhesive or sealant formulation.

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