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Polymer Modified Portland Cement Adhesives and Grouts

SpecialChem / Oct 25, 2005

Polymers have been used as additives in cement mortars and concrete since the 1920s when natural rubber latex was added to road paving materials.1 Since then, there has been considerable development of polymer modification for cement and concrete. Commercial products, called cement admixtures, are used in many applications in the construction industry from sea walls to roads. A significant volume application for polymer modified Portland cement is adhesive and grout for attaching ceramic tiles to walls and flooring. Often there is confusion with regard to the terminology associated with the production and application of these materials. Some of the more common terms that are used in the construction industry are defined at the end of this article. There are several different types of polymers that have been used as additives in cement and concrete. These can be broadly divided into four groups: polymer latex (or polymer dispersion), redispersible polymer powder, water-soluble polymer, and liquid polymer.

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