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The material selection platform
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Polymers for Roads and Bridges

SpecialChem / Nov 5, 2003

Polymeric materials such as adhesives, sealants, and composites have been used considerably in the last several decades for the construction, repair, and rehabilitation of our transportation infrastructures. Even though most processes were experimental until recently, they have evolved to the point where many are now standardized and well accepted. Several applications for advanced polymeric materials and the polymeric resins most commonly employed are summarized in Table 1. This article reviews the development of these materials for roads and bridges and describes the advantages that they provide. It focuses on advanced rehabilitation, retrofitting and strengthening technologies for existing civil engineering structures. However, technologies applicable to new construction will also be discussed. Adhesives In the construction or repair of roads and bridges adhesives have primarily been used for bonding concrete and for bonding stiffening members or repair structures to degrading concrete facilities.

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