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Polyurea Adhesives and Sealants

SpecialChem / Edward Petrie – Feb 24, 2010

This article provides an introduction to polyurea chemistry. It reviews the advantages and disadvantages of these interesting polymers in adhesive and sealant applications. Formulation principles are given to achieve adhesive and sealant products that have fast cure with certain properties that are superior to conventional polyurethane systems.Polyurea adhesives and sealants offer fast-curing systems with very interesting properties. Polyurea chemistry has been well developed for high performance maintenance coatings. However, polyureas are not well known as adhesives or sealants except in applications that require exceptionally fast cure, such as high volume assembly of parts, construction sealants when inclement weather might adversely affect a slower curing product., or as adhesives and sealants for automobile manufacture. Polyureas are similar to polyurethanes but they are based on reacting an isocyanate with a multifunctional amine rather than with a polyol.

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