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The material selection platform
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PSAs for Automotive Bonding and Noise Reduction

SpecialChem / Mar 30, 2005

Automotive manufacturers and tiered suppliers are constantly searching for faster and better ways to manufacture cars and subcomponents while reducing weight, eliminating noise, and decreasing costs. Historically, automobiles assembled exclusively with mechanical fasteners and welding were very heavy and not very fuel-efficient. Today, approximately 70 lbs of adhesive products replace more than 200 lbs of mechanical fasteners, decreasing overall vehicle weight and increasing fuel efficiency. Adhesive transfer and double-coated films are often used in the assembly of instrument panel components. Ultra high molecular weight films may be used in steering wheel assemblies for anti-abrasion applications. Automotive engineers now consider pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) to be cost-effective assembly solutions that improve process speeds while significantly reducing NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) problems. Ideal for high-performance applications, PSAs are easy to apply, lighter than most mechanical fasteners and offer better stress distribution over a wider surface area.

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