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The material selection platform
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Raw materials used in non-woven adhesives formulations

SpecialChem / Andy Extance – Aug 11, 2010

Many of the applications that use non-woven fabrics adhere them with hot melt adhesives. However, water-based and solvent-based adhesive systems also have a role in this market. Adjusting the raw materials for these formulations can be crucial, for example when adapting to current pricing trends. Ask the average person what non-woven fabrics are, and they would probably look confused, despite the fact that many rely on them and the adhesives that they're made with. Non-woven fabrics are flexible, porous and robust interlocking fibre networks, used in applications as diverse as insulation, packaging, household wipes, surgical drapes and medical dressings. Disposable items such as diapers, adult incontinence products and sanitary napkins are an especially important use for these fabrics. Many of these applications require the non-woven fabric to be adhered to another substrate or component, which today is primarily done by hot melt adhesives.

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