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Reactive, Toughened Acrylic Adhesives Poised for Growth

SpecialChem / May 21, 2003

Reactive acrylics are well-established structural adhesives in a wide range of industries and compete with adhesives like epoxies and polyurethanes. They are also called tough acrylics, toughened acrylics or second-generation acrylics (SGAs). However, these adhesives have never achieved the market penetration that many people anticipated. There are several reasons for the lack of acceptance: a limited number of suppliers, artificial high pricing and lack of widespread availability of raw materials, notably sources of good activators. Several events indicate that significant growth may be expected for SGAs: * Key patents have expired or will expire shortly, * Greater availability of raw materials, * Dispersion of technical knowledge, and * Technical advancements in adhesives Background Reactive acrylic adhesives have been around since the early 1970s when DuPont announced a family of patented adhesives based on solutions of its Hypalon[2] chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber

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