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Selecting Organosilane Adhesion Promoters and Primers

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie & Edward Petrie – Jun 13, 2012

This article is intended to be a guide to the selection of an organosilane adhesion promoter or primer. The choice of the correct organosilane family or a type within a given family is often not a straight-forward task. Organosilane adhesion promoters and primers work in a similar fashion to improve adhesion. However, they differ in the way that they are applied. The primer is applied directly to a substrate surface before an adhesive or sealant is applied. The promoter is added to the adhesive or sealant formulation and must migrate to the substrate surface before the adhesive cures for it to be effective. In either case the organosilane adds a new layer at the interface as shown in Figure 1. This new layer is bifunctional and bonds well to both the substrate and the adhesive or sealant. The new layer is thin so that it provides improved interfacial bonding characteristics, yet it is not thick enough so that its bulk properties significantly affect the overall properties of the bond.

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