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The material selection platform
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Selecting Tackifiers

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie – Oct 3, 2012

This article explores the basic requirements for tackifiers, the main types available for use in adhesive formulations, and the most common applications. Selection criteria are recommended to make the process of choosing a tackifying agent less intimidating. Tackifiers are important constituents in hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives in terms of both cost and their affect on properties. Tackifiers frequently represent most of the weight percentage (up to 40 percent of total mass) and cost of the adhesive formulation. Tackifiers get their name from the fact that they are used to increase the tack or “stickiness” of the adhesive. In practice, formulators use tackifiers to make the correct balance between adhesion and cohesion which is dependent on the end-use application. They do this by lowering the modulus and increasing the glass transition temperature of the final adhesive. Tackifiers must be considered with regard to the end-properties that the formulator is trying to achieve, the type of processing that the adhesive will be subject to, and the chemical nature of the base polymer.

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