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Solid Epoxy Adhesive Systems

SpecialChem / Sep 1, 2004

Epoxy adhesives are most commonly used as liquids or pastes. However, certain types of epoxies can be employed in the form of a solid. The components in these adhesives are mixed and processed to a stage where the resulting adhesive product is in a solid but still-fusible (uncrosslinked) state. When the applied adhesive is heated, it melts, flows, and wets the substrate. Additional heating time then causes the adhesive to cure completely into a strong, thermosetting structure. The most widely recognized types of solid epoxy adhesives are tapes or films commonly used to bond large substrates such as honeycomb skins and structural paneling. However, epoxies in the form of a powder or shaped solid can also be employed in certain applications for the purpose of bonding or sealing. The main advantages of these solid adhesives are that they are single component (i.e., metering and mixing are not required) and they can be applied uniformly to a substrate with little or no waste. Being solid, these adhesives also avoid the mess, clean-up requirements, and health hazards often associated with liquid adhesives.

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