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Styrenic Block Copolymers with Tailored Block Segments

SpecialChem / Andy Extance – Sep 8, 2010

The molecular properties are crucial at determining the temperatures at which styrenic block copolymers dissociate in hotmelts, and many other properties of adhesives based on them. Those molecular properties are therefore powerful tools for designing adhesives. A polymer network that dissociates at high temperatures might sound undesirable, and in many applications it is, but that's exactly what styrenic block copolymers do. However, for almost 50 years this behaviour has served as an excellent example of how chemical knowledge can be used to deliver specified adhesive performance. In contrast to random styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) copolymers, styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) combine polystyrene end blocks and elastomeric mid blocks into specific separate homopolymer domains. The polystyrene end blocks associate with each other at ambient temperature forming an entangled structure that mimics the crosslinking of a vulcanized elastomer.

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