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The Future of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - UV Technology

SpecialChem / Sep 11, 2002

Despite the proven performance advantages of ultraviolet (UV)-cure pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), formulators have often been forced to seek alternative solutions due to the limited range of raw materials available and comparatively high prices. Many formulators opted instead for more economical cure methods, such as solvent-based, water-based and hot melt technologies. But today, more chemists and formulators are turning to UV-cure technologies. In fact, a post-9/11 report by the Freedonia Group, Cleveland, predicts that radiation-cure adhesives will explode at a rate of 10% per year, reaching almost eight million pounds in 2005. The report also predicts that the fastest growth will occur in PSAs and other small-volume adhesives because of a gradual reduction in raw material costs. EPA regulations have also helped ensure a healthy future for UV-cure PSAs. Recent regulations force manufacturers across a broad range of industries to switch to no- or low-VOC technologies.

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