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The material selection platform
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Adhesion Myths and Reality - Part 3

Steven Abbott & Steven Abbott – Apr 18, 2016

The power of dissipation in adhesionMy mission in this blog is to help you get rid of our 6th myth. I will explain how “weak” adhesives can give great strength thanks to the power of dissipation.

No one is going to tell their customer that they have provided a weak adhesive so they tend to use a different language such as “hot melt” or “laminating adhesive”. In this blog I will refer to them all as PSA, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives even though the one fact we can all agree upon is that PSA have no significant dependence on pressure!

This blog will primarily describe the generic PSA system (such as tapes) with which we are all familiar before extending the science to hot melts or laminating adhesives.

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