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The Styrene Butadiene Copolymer Platform for Adhesive Formulation and Development

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie & Edward M Petrie – Apr 30, 2013

This article will focus on primarily the base polymer, its molecular configuration, and the various types of base polymers that are available to the adhesive formulator. A short history of the development of styrene butadiene copolymers will also be provided. Styrene butadiene copolymers (SBCs) offer unique and expansive platform chemistry for adhesive formulation and development. There are many possible configurations and types of SBCs that provide a range of suitable properties for diverse adhesive applications depending on the formulation. The reason for this wide range of applications is that these block copolymers have the properties of both thermoplastics and elastomers. This characteristic provides SBC adhesives with versatile properties in both pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive adhesive formulations

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