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The material selection platform
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The Use of Silanes in Sealants - Part I

SpecialChem / Dec 4, 2002

Silanes are a group of specialty organofunctional compounds that possess dual reactivity. They can be used as additives, primers, and co-monomers in sealant applications. The silanes react chemically and promote adhesion: (1) between the base polymer in a sealant and the inorganic fillers in the formulation and / or (2) between the base polymer and the substrate. Silanes can also be used to promote crosslinking, and they can be incorporated in the polymer chain by various reaction mechanisms. The "molecular bridge" created by the use of silanes in sealant formulations contributes various benefits such as: * A chemical bridge between the inorganic surface and the organic polymer to provide enhanced adhesion in both wet and dry environments, * A barrier to prevent moisture penetration through the interface, * Improved bulk physical properties of the sealant through enhanced adhesion between the polymer and filler particles and the efficient transfer of stress from the resin to the filler,

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