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Trends in Plastic Surface Modifications to Improve Adhesion

SpecialChem / Oct 20, 2004

There has been an upward trend in the amount of plastics that are being used in industries such as automotive, sporting goods, medical, and electronic. This trend has been influenced by the drive to reduce weight and lower systems costs through design flexibility, increased process efficiency, and increased part performance. Conventional and modern methods of surface preparation now provide the ability to bond plastics that were not capable of being bonded previously. This is especially relevant to the structural bonding and coating of low energy surfaces such as polypropylene, TPO, and other olefinic materials. This article will not review the reasons for plastic surface treatments or the more conventional methods of surface treating, as they have been thoroughly described in previous SpencialChem4Adhesives articles.1-4 These conventional methods are summarized below. * Abrasion: Surface roughening by high velocity particle or other abrasive media * Primer: Surface coated with a dilute solution chemically similar to the adhesive

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