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Use of Ultrafine PCC in Construction and Glazing Sealant

SpecialChem / Sep 25, 2002

Sealants are faced with a range of demands in the construction and glazing areas. These include joints in roadways and bridges, frame sealing, structural glazing, cladding, sanitary sealing and insulated glass unit assembly. Typical sealant polymer types involved in one or two component systems are: * Polysulphides including epoxy variants * Modified silicones (MS) * Silicone * PU/polyBD * Polyisobutylene Many of the sealant formulations are pastes that cure, for example, in the case of 1-component systems by exposure to ambient moisture and, in the case of 2-component systems, by mixing of the two parts at point of use. This leads to a number of requirements for the formulation: _ Pre-cure rheological properties that provide anti-slump resistance (except for flow grades) together with acceptable extrusion rates (gunnability) that are maintained with time _ Applicable by gun, knife or standard equipment for the end use _ Acceptable pot life / tack-free time and cure time

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