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UV-Curable Acrylic Hot Melts for PSAs

SpecialChem / Oct 7, 2002

Raising Hot Melts to a New Level of Performance Today, three types of adhesive raw materials are used for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs): solventborne acrylics and rubbers, aqueous dispersions, and SIS/SBS block-copolymer hot melts. Among these, the SIS/SBS hot melts show the strongest growth rates. There are two basic factors for the market success of the SIS/SBS hot melts: * Aggressive tack and tailor-made peel adhesion by modifying with a large variety of tackifier resins and plasticizing agents; * Economic attractiveness due to low costs of the raw materials and the coating technology, and high production speed even at high coating weights. Although the introduction of SIS/SBS hot melts is a real success story, there are some basic disadvantages to this type of raw material that prevent them from being used for a still greater number of applications: * Poor aging behavior (yellowing and embrittlement) caused by oxidation of residual double bonds in the polymer;

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