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Waterborne Systems Satisfy Adhesive Producers’ Thirst for Value

SpecialChem / Sep 1, 2013

Waterborne adhesives’ economic and environmental advantages combine with their performance to create a package whose value is hard to beat. They help meet health, safety and environmental demands that continue to seek to limit volatile organic compound emissions. Meanwhile, continuing high oil prices mean that companies see incorporating water rather than solvents as fluid components in adhesives formulations as financially attractive. These benefits mean that waterborne formulations comprise the largest adhesive technology category, though estimates of their precise market share vary according to definition. With such advantages on offer, today commercial adhesives exploit them using many different polymer systems.

1 Comments on "Waterborne Systems Satisfy Adhesive Producers’ Thirst for Value"
mohsen k Jan 20, 2016
Thank you. how can I made a water borne spray able adhesive based on chloroperen or acrylic for furniture industries to adhere spong , matress , wood, and textile together ?

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