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Seration: The new entry of FT wax as a performance additive in new generation non-woven hygiene adhesives

Brochure | Supplied by Sasol

SERATION is the new generation of FT waxes for hygiene construction of hotmelt adhesives. It comes with 7 unique properties such as no odour, thermally stable, low viscocity, no colour, low surface energy and high crystallinity. It comes with numerous benefits. Among which are Improved sprayability at lower temperatures, broad application temperatures from 130°C to 160°C, good adhesion increasing T-peel strength, fast setting, compatible with all major groups of polyolefin polymers and resins, high line speed, excellent substrate wetting and global supply. Technology change to polyolefins in non-woven adhesives is now made possible by Seration.

Find out more about Seration and get access to exclusive comparative test results.

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