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Product Name
DELO-QUICK® 5975 by DELO is a high viscous, solvent-free activator which accelerates the adhesion build-up of metal adhesives such as DELO-ML. It contains a reddish fluorescent agent. It improves... view more
  • Adhesives
DELO-QUICK® 5910 by DELO is a low viscous, solvent-free activator for anaerobic adhesives. It is used for the pre-treatment of bonding surfaces to accelerate curing of DELO-ML. It also enhances the... view more
  • Adhesives>Anaerobic
Troy Corporation
Troykyd® D767 by Troy Corporation is a high performance defoamer. It provides outstanding air release in aqueous systems such as adhesives. It shows compatibility with natural rubber. It is free... view more
  • Adhesives>Water-based
  • Polymers>Natural rubbers (NR)
TSRC Corporation/ Dexco Polymers
VECTOR® 4116N by TSRC Corporation/ Dexco Polymers is a high di-block styrene isoprene styrene (SIS) block copolymer. It can be combined with hydrocarbon resins for use in adhesives and label... view more
  • Adhesives
  • Labels / Signs / Decals
Emerald Performance Materials
VITROFLEX™ B by Emerald Performance Materials is a non-phthalate, non-SVHC, plasticizer for B-side (catalyst) component of 2K polysulfide sealants. Provides faster hardness development, improved lap... view more
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Polymers>Polysulfides
  • Buildings & constructions
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