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Waterborne adhesives (or water-based adhesives) are adhesives that are compounded with water as a diluent rather than a volatile organic solvent and could be considered as low VOC adhesives. The main polymers used to formulate water-based adhesives are styrene-butadiene, acrylic, polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) and vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE).They have applications in all of the leading adhesive end-use markets for example Carpet backing, construction, packaging, and also in PSA labels and decals.

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Aug 23, 2019 | Product News

Henkel to Launch WB and Mineral Oil-free Hot-melt PSAs at Labelexpo 2019

Henkel will launch a new pressure-sensitive wash-off label solution for PET and food-safe hotmelts for labeling at the 2019 Labelexpo in Brussels at booth A22 in hall 5. There the company will focus...

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Aug 14, 2019 | Product News

BRB Launches Epoxy Functional Silane for Water-based & Solvent-based Adhesives

BRB has launched Silanil® 533 ESO, which improves adhesion performance of adhesives by post addition into SB and WB resins. It provides better stability of formulated water-based product than...

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Aug 5, 2019 | Industry News

Arkema Appoints Brenntag to Distribute WB Resins for Adhesives & Sealants

Arkema has announced that Brenntag North America will be the primary distributor in the United States for Arkema waterborne resins sold under the Encor®, Celocor®, Snap® and Neocar® trade names...

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Jul 24, 2019 | Product News

H.B. Fuller to Launch Water-based Acrylic Adhesive for No-label Look Packaging

H.B. Fuller has announced the forthcoming launch of its new Fulltak™ SE 8116, a water-based acrylic adhesive that offers non-water whitening performance for the no-label look. With Fulltak™ SE 8116...

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Jun 26, 2019 | Industry News

Ashland Appoints Anagraf Comercial as Distributor for WB Adhesives and PSA’s

Ashland announces it has appointed Anagraf Comercial Grafica SL as its new partner to distribute Ashland’s varnishes, WB laminating adhesive, solvent-based acrylic PSAs and primers for the label...

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Jun 21, 2019 | Product News

San Nopco Launches Defoamer for Aqueous Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

San Nopco Limited has developed a defoamer (anti-foaming agent) NOPTAM 3590, which exhibits a superior defoaming property in the coating process of aqueous adhesives within the manufacturing process...

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May 22, 2019 | Industry News

Covestro Supports Research to Enhance Aqueous Polymer Dispersion Properties

Covestro is funding a new research project which is investigating how the properties of aqueous polymer dispersions can be further improved at the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences in the...

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May 3, 2019 | Industry News

Dow Announces Safic-Alcan as Distributor for Water-borne Flocking Adhesives

Safic-Alcan has announced the extension of its agreement with Dow for the distribution of the solvent or waterborne flocking adhesives range. Drawing on the success of the existing agreement for...

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Apr 29, 2019 | Industry News

New Study Unveils Adhesive Patch to Limit Post Heart Attack Muscle Damage

Researchers have designed a new type of adhesive patch using water-based hydrogel material sourced from starch that may help to reduce the stretching of heart muscle that often occurs after a heart...

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Apr 19, 2019 | Product News

H.B. Fuller Offers Reactive Adhesives and more for Wood Furniture and Flooring

H.B. Fuller has announced that it will launch a set of new, more sustainable solutions including reactive hot-melt and water-based adhesives at Ligna 2019. H.B. Fuller has specifically designed...

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